About Us

Presentation of BConstruct SA, Panama, Dominican Republic, Haiti y Ecuador.

Marc Bautil: President
Civil Engineer from UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) with over 25 years experience as an engineer in infrastructure and energy projects in the Middle East/Africa: Morocco Engineering studies,  ITH: Studies and supervision of roads, bridges, building ,drainage projects as well as the oil deposit plant and power plant of Agadir Algeria, SIXCO: Cement Factory, responsible for the construction and engineering implementation of all underground utilities and systems: water drainage, water adduction, electricity and HVAC systems

Dubai, UAE: BESIX  Tender and Project Development: El Al Ain International airport design and pricing supervision. Supervision of Telecomunication tower Etisalat Sharja

North America: California. High technology system developments, bio engineering studies biomass, semiconductors, solar energy and wind energy systems

Latin America: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Haiti , Dominica, Martinique and Dominican Republic. Several renewable energy project feasability, design construction  and supervisión. Turnkey systems.

Marc is Honorary Consul of Belgium.

Wolfgang Martinez, Project Developer: Civil Engineer, Dominican rep., INTEC and Unviversity of Delft,  Port of Rio Haina, DR, LNG Gaz Terminal Caucedo. Study of Port of Manzanillo.

Francois Velge, Project Developer: various projects in the Caribbean and in Belgium.

Bruno Bautil: environmental impact study specialist, Bio-engineer UCL,  marine environmental studies , Belgium, Seychelles, Galapagos (Ecuador), Turks and Caicos. Renewable energies team leader.

Roodmanley Luc: project assistant, university APEC Santo Domingo, information system specialist, Dominican Rep. and Haiti.